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Pictures - Tazzie and Milo!

In June 2015, a few months after we lost Brandy (and I worked through some house upgrades), we brought home two 8 week old Yorkie puppies. After an unusually long period of contemplation, Myra named them Milo and Tazzie. I'm not sure how she came up with his name, but there is no doubt where we got the inspiration for Tazzie's name. She can be a real devil, much to the irritation of her older brother Milo.

It's funny how different these two are, both physically and in character. Tazzie is a fairly average size, about 8 pounds, but Milo is nearly twice her weight and size. Tazzie can easily walk underneath Milo. Tazzie is more of a lap dog, and much more yappy, where Milo tends to be more independent, sometimes even aloof, but doesn't bark nearly as much as his sister.

We've not had problems with our yorkies digging up the yard in the past, but these two love to dig. You can see the dirt on their noses in a few of these pictures.

Click on any of the small images below to see a larger image.

Milo's first day with us, staying close to Ross-June 2015 Tazzie - first day with us - June 2015 Milo using Tazzie as a headrest - July 2015 Tazzie and Milo sleeping on the couch - July 2015 Tazzie helping with the dishwasher - August 2015 Milo and Tazzie - September 2015 Tazzie helping me study Todd's SharePoint book - November 2015 Milo and Rayleigh - November 2015 Tazzie and Milo ready for a drive - November 2015 Tazzie chilling under the Christmas tree - December 2015 Tazzie and Milo chillingunder the Christmas tree - December 2015 Milo and Tazzie sleeping on comforter - March 2016 Tazzie on Myra's desk - April 2016