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Because my mother grew up with a yearning to travel, and my father worked hard, was successful and wanted to make my mother happy, I was blessed to travel and see much of North America and Europe when I was young. I've seen many beautiful places, but none that I love like I love Yosemite, and especially Tioga Pass - so much so that I even named a family dog Tioga, although we affectionately called him "Ti". Unfortunately, I've not been back to Yosemite since digital cameras became available, so all I can put on this page are scans of mostly 30 year old pictures. I hope to get back to Yosemite sometime in the not-too-distant future and get some new digital images.

Click on any of the small images below to see a larger image.

Halfdome, Nevada and Vernal Falls Valley view Valley view from valley floor Hang glider - takeoff from Glacier Point Half Dome, from Inspiration Point Nevada Falls